Rose Jenson-Banner is an artist based in London. She graduated from Chelsea (UAL) in 2021 with a BA First Class Honours in Fine Art and is currently a resident at Conditions Studio Program in East Croydon. 

Drawing attention to selfhood, agency and the politics of coersion, fear and desire, Jenson - Banner adds components to her work designed to induce manufactured emotions. Imbued with chemicals that affect human pheromone receptors, or LED’s that temporarily imprint text commands into the retina, her artwork  investigates the subtle and seductive violence of our vast technological infastructures against the fragility of our physical existence.

Working across sculpture, installation, print and drawing, using processes that involve artificial intelligence, the biological, synthetic and the alchemical; Jenson - Banner investigates the site of the body as a place that is undergoing a kind of temporal dissolution and technological seperation from the mind. What does the body provide us beyond a frustratingly ‘imperfect’ and vulnerable container if it cannot confrm to the boundless desires of our imagination? In world that is constantly diffusing our attention, chemically rendering us into a powerful apathy and courting our desire to transcend, what is the future of the body and how can we inabit it?  

Slipping between the intimate and the alien, the erotic and the repulsive, the living and non-living, and the material and digital realm, her work explores ideas of selfhood, the body and their permeable boundaries as a site of intense contemporary ambivalence.

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